That’s ‘Neck

Certain things are just ‘Neck. We all do things that make the next person toss us into a group of generally hilarious classification, but nothing beats the ‘necks. Seeing their decisions in person always brings me great joy. Not the over the top Foxworthy rednecks, but the more common observations that make you stop and say, “That’s ‘Neck.” These are some of my favorite characteristics of a ‘Neck:

  1. You unnecessarily back your car into a parking spot
  2. When talking about your parents to people outside of your family, you leave out “my” before saying “Mom” and “Dad” (ex: “Well I stopped by the house and Mom was complaining about the disposal. Dad didn’t want to use a plumber.”)
  3. You’re cabinet has more novelty coffee mugs and commemorative plastic cups than you do glasses.
  4. You’ve played golf in a tank top.
  5. You still own a Nordic Track.
  6. You go to the beach wearing a shirt, swimsuit… and gym shoes.
  7. You have a caricature drawing in your living room.
  8. You actually want to win the oversized stuffed animal at the amusement park, for your lady. 
  9. The lid on your toilet has carpet on it.
  10. Truck Nuts, inflatable Christmas decorations, oversized Thermoses, and Code Red Mountain Dew.

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