About The Half Chicken

Our culture demands a no bull shit world, but only if we can remain completely full of it.  I am a writer who respects this contradiction and wants to burn it to the ground. Vulnerability is scary because it makes us an easier target, but the more often we’re open about who we are, faults and all, the more confident we become and the more we see through the bull shit. So go ahead, take your best shot.

This blog aims to mine TV, film, music, culture, and politics for the emotions we’re intent on burying or need help recognizing. I also include personal stories at my own expense to affirm this, and at the very least, embarrass myself for your amusement. Nobody wants to be vulnerable, but that’s where the good stuff is. It’s relatable. It’s terrifying. It’s inspiring. It’s truth.

Additionally you’ll find my resume, a portfolio of some of my work, and a few articles I’ve contributed to outside publications.

Thanks for visiting my site.

Mike Fox, Author
Los Angeles, California (and a Cincinnati kid, always)

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